Drie Berge Winery

Drie Berge Winery is nestled in the beautiful Baden Valley on the farm Bordeaux which is located on the R318 near Montagu in the Western Cape and close to the famous Route 62 .

Drie Berge Winery is a wholesale wine and spirits company, which has been run by the Jordaan family since its inception in the mid-nineteen sixties.

Because of international trademark restrictions the brand could not be named Bordeaux Winery and as such the description of the farm on the original title deed granting the land to the Jordaan family in 1825 was used.  On this document the land was described as “de Drie Bergen”.

Production is undertaken in the cellars located on the Bordeaux  farm.

We pride ourselves in having achieved gold medals from the Michael Angelo International Wine and Spirits Awards for our well known brandy and Muscadel.

In addition to our own products we also stock a variety of different wines and spirits.

Our products are available at the Cellar on the farm and we distribute nation wide.